Tuesday, June 25, 2013


As mentioned last time, I now have a slightly different goal than previously outlined. My new quest is not necessarily to make money off of MTGO, but to be able to sustain infinite play (still planning on going infinite!) in tournaments, namely drafting, because that's the fun stuff. While going infinite will probably result in net profit from MTGO, if I can draft essentially for free, I would be satisfied with that.

This comes about from a realization about playing Magic, which is that I should play for fun, rather than to make money. The potential profits as a casual player really are not that large in comparison to just holding a job. I could grind Momir Basic and Pauper dailies all day. Even with a 17% return on entry fee on average, which I'm sure any market player would love to have, since the base investment is both low and fixed, there really isn't much gain to be made. Momir Basic is a hilariously fun format, but it loses its luster after playing too many games in one sitting.

However, this will not change the course of the blog too much. It means more commentary on winning drafts than winning constructed, and I hope that this will shed some insight as to why I appear to be ignoring the basic financial sense I'll be going into in the near future. (I mean, I am.) This will also be why you probably won't see any analysis on setting up bots (seemingly a good way to make money) or card speculation. I plan on doing draft commentary, and hopefully that will help me improve as a drafter as well.

In the end, the way to go infinite is still to win. Have winning records, and you'll get to play more. It's definitely not as easy as that though. The MTGO scene, I've read, is a lot more competitive than the IRL scene, and that's justifiable, since people willing to pay money for pieces of cardboard that aren't even tangible must be dedicated to the game. (I'm included in there, haha.)

That's all for today, just a short post. More tomorrow.

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